Digging the Well

Alright, in preparation for our Boston Server renewal in October, I’ve paid for the OOC Box in advance. I tried to do the same for the RP Box, but it seems it will only bill me when the time has come. Pay for the Secundus Server in Amsterdam aside (which my credit card can handle, as soon as I replace it, anyway…), that leaves us with more or less zilch in our Paypal account.

Now I’m going to do what I can to make online money – because Paypal is being silly and doesn’t allow me to load offline money into the account (because it’s not from Bank of America or something) – and because each time I put up a request begging for money here, I feel angrier at myself. I checked already, and there’s really no way around this, unless I move to America or something *insert laugh track here*. And I’m going to keep you updated with the funding levels twice a month. As it is, however, we have four months to get this done, and any help you can give will be most welcome.

As you can recall from last year, the goal is 125 USD.

Now as you can imagine, this is about twice as much time as before, so hopefully, we won’t have to be so pressured to go bonkers over this.


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Secundus Transfer Update

So after ten days of trying to figure it out, I have decided, that I’m having a very hard time transferring W2 to the new server. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Now, in the initial letter, I was informed that the Amsterdam team could perform the transfer themselves, if for a fee. This is due to the fact that the Amsterdam service is something of a one-man operation, so you can imagine how hard that would be for someone watching over a big bunch of hosting accounts.

In any case, in light of my discovery of how I can’t figure out how to make the transfer myself, I have decided to just take them up on the transfer offer. The fee will be €20, inclusive of tax and transaction fees.

You probably know what’s coming next, and I do apologise for asking for it… but if we can get a total cumulative donation of €20 before the 28th, then the transfer will be able to proceed smoothly before the end of the month.

We apologise for the continued inconvenience, and we appreciate your continued patronage.

Best Regards,


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Secundus Moving to New Server

Dear Members,

I received a notice from our Lucca Secundus Server in Amsterdam that they will be moving to a new service. However, as their dev team is rather small, they will not be able to migrate all of the accounts to their new server, not without charging for them.

Long story short, I’ve decided to perform the move manually. This means that Secundus will be down for a while. Starting GMT 5AM, March 14, Lucca Secundus will be down until further notice, to help facilitate the transfer.

I hope this is appropriate enough on such short notice, but please bear with us. I will update again when W2 is up and transferred. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.


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Final Week, Final Update

We were in a serious pitch, and it was a tight stretch, but thanks to our committed member base, we now have enough money to pay off this year’s annual fee. Lesson learned? Make sure to start saving up even before there’s two and a half months left. I’ll be leaving the donation button available for future donations.

I appreciate everybody who’s donated in these ten weeks of need, especially those of you who gave particularly large sums (you know who you are). For you in the latter group, I understand that this was not spare change. So, after I finish with the payments, please PM me if you want whatever change is left. It’s the least I can do to repay this help that you’ve given our site.

I just got in touch with the Boston Server company, and they’re going to take the final payment on the… 15th, surprisingly enough. Expect your change on the 16th or 17th, if I’m around at the time. Aaaaand… yeah, I think that’s about it.

Until next time!


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Some Updates

Okay, so a couple of things to note: First of all, the Activity Check ends TODAY, so if you haven’t posted yet, you’d better do so lest you lose your slots!

Second, I’d like to welcome all new members to the boards. It’s always great to see some new faces around. Always remember to check out the Chat Box. You can get there by following the link above.

Third, a little update on the Donation Drive. I’ve redone the math, and taking Paypal’s silly fees and policies around, we will need a net total of 135 USD to pay for everything in total.

It’s week five, and we’re still short of give or take a hundred dollars. It’s not looking pretty, but people ARE donating to us! Which is good!

Remember, only donate to the fund if you really can and want to! And for those of you who can and want to, we appreciate your donations!


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Donation Drive Update

We’re now at the start of week two, and I have to say we’ve already gotten a very good start.

28 USD has been donated to the dojo since week one – technically 30 USD, but Paypal has its accursed transaction fees.

Speaking of transaction fees, I’m going to have to recalculate how much we’re going to have to pay the Boston Server, in order to compensate for Paypal’s fees.

For now, however, keep up the good work!

Thank you for your continuing support!


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A Bit of a Tight Scrub

Now, this is probably something I should’ve brought up several months ago, but it seems like some ridiculous pride has kept me from doing just that.

There’s not much time left – about ten weeks, more or less – but I’m holding out in some kind of hope that maybe, just maybe, we might be able to do this if we pull together.

Through human error, faulty calculations, and bad timing, we are ten weeks away from being charged for the next year of hosting by the Boston Server, as well as our domain name.

Because Paypal has ridiculous policies, I cannot load it up from my debit card (though I’m seeing if I can work on that), and my credit limit is full. So, for this event, I am requesting the help of you, our dear members, in retaining the site. Our goal is $125 by the 12th of October. $112 is for the hosting package, and $13 is for the domain name.

Please do not feel forced to donate. The last thing I want is to make you feel obligated to pay for this site. Only give if you have money to spare. We still have a little bit of time anyway.

I’ve put up a donation button on the sidebar, which will allow you to donate money to the Dojo Paypal account. This is the same one that has been funding RP Box I should really change the plan to a 6-month one so that it doesn’t keep draining cash every 3 months so the money that’s been going there is being put to good use.

As usual, if there are any questions and concerns, please feel free to ask me.


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Special Executive for Advertisement Research and Systematisation

Last week, I asked for a few volunteers to assist me in a little side project I was setting up. Now that it is, allow me to go into a little bit more depth concerning its nature.

Now, we have a plug board. We use it to plug our ads onto the plug boards of other RP fora. That makes sense. Except the part where the traffic is not targeted, as we’re just hitting RP Fora in general, with the very few related, and willing, fora, becoming our affiliates. That is the equivalent of taking a handgun with one bullet, going into a field full of targets in the middle of the night, blindfolding yourself, and then shooting at random with the expectation that you will hit a bullseye.

Of course if you’re sceptical of my argument, you can try doing just that sometime. Tell me what happens ;)

Granted, we did get something out of that method, but this is worth a shot, if any, as it heightens our chances.

In any event, that leads us to what I call the Special Executive for Advertisement Research and Systematisation.

Or, in a silly little acronym…

SEARS lolgo

Yyyyyeah… so I made a silly little logo because I thought it would be funny. Not exactly S.T.A.R.S., but hey. We’re not out to fight zombies here.

But that aside, SEARS is based on something that I’m primarily focusing on right now at work. Having done some research concerning social media (uh oh, there’s that word), and its potential business applications, I have come to the conclusion that it is possible to use that to extend our reach to a larger audience.

Note that I said ‘larger’, not ‘wider’. “Wider” means more mainstream and diverse, what we’ve been doing so far, by firing our guns at anything we can fire at, without consideration for whether or not they’re actually interested in what we have to offer. ‘Larger’ simply means more volume. But the type of audience we’re now aiming at will be ‘deeper’, that is to say, of similar interests as ourselves.

We call this, our deeper audience, the “target market”, a familiar term for some of you.

This is taking it a step away from just plugging in at any RP board that we spot – but we won’t cut down on that either. This is utilising the network infrastructure of a massively interconnected system to reach a target audience and improve our chances of acquiring, well, more members.

Now there’s nothing to be alarmed about. We don’t expect it to flood us with new members any time soon. After all, just because you play Fate/Stay Night doesn’t mean you’d be interested in roleplaying in the setting. You might like it, but you might not be a roleplayer in general. However, we expect a healthy stream of new players to join us, with enough time.

The SEARS team is already hard at work implementing this little plan, just like the venerated advertising team of old, which brought us our first batch of new members.

Now since this is social media we’re talking about here, it will involve the sharing content. While we certainly share related content such as the latest on the general Fate and Type-Moon scenes, creating a brand image and brand presence on the Socialnet requires that we share some of our own user-generated content. That is to say, stuff that we put up on the boards, like profiles, RP posts, articles, and for a few of us here, even art!

Note, of course, that we will only be sharing content, and won’t even go anywhere near your personal information, so rest assured, your privacy remains safe. However, if you are still uncomfortable with the idea that your profile, or your RP post, or your occasional drawing, might be shared to other Fate-liking people (strangers nevertheless) as a paragon of our community’s excellence, then you may feel free to tell us so, and we shall take that into consideration.

You are our valued members, after all.

So, that’s about it. Any questions may be directed to me.


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Recent Troll Attack

Dear Members,

Please be advised that due to recent events, which caused a bit of… heightened purple activity on the box (most of which I slept through, because of time zones *cough*), we will now be encouraging (but not requiring, if you do so wish) you to register the names that you usually use on the boxes.

As the title says, it was a troll attack. This involved the aforementioned troll registering the usernames that regular members normally use on the boxes, and while masquerading as them, posting a veritable quagmire of dangerous and unsafe links. He also duplicated this activity on Primus, except that instead of copying usernames, he copied display names (since obviously you need to register a username), while spamming PMs containing similar links. At least, that’s what I can garner from my spammed inbox and the resulting backlog discussion.

In any event, the troll has been dealt with, and his IP’s reported to Proboards to ensure that he doesn’t pull something like this again. However, to ensure your safety, we have decided to implement the above policy. This password protection will heighten our security, and is actually listed by the CBox company as one of its security features, which explains to us why they were encouraging it in the first place.

As registration is as simple as inserting a password into a prompt and hitting ‘okay’, then it shouldn’t take too long at all.

Some inbox cleaning is in order as well. Please read Sola’s mass PM for further information.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused any of you, and hope that this will not disrupt your experience as a member of our community.

Always remember to keep your eyes on the Grail!


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So yeah, if anybody’s actually following the front page, and you happen to be registered as a user, know that you can now set your own local avatars! Just like me!

Minor update and all that.

So… yeah.

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